Frog Fractions 2

Frog Fractions 2 and the difficult art of mystery making

How do you follow up a game like Frog Fractions (2012)? That’s the question its creator Jim Crawford had promised an answer to for two years. On December 27th, 2016, he delivered with the release of Frog Fractions 2, which he had hidden away inside a fairy-themed city builder called Glittermitten Grove. The problem with making a sequel to Frog Fractions is that it’s a game that relies on the unexpected. The original starts off pretending to teach you about fractions with a simple bug-eating game, but then takes a sudden turn and sends you on a wild adventure, riding a dragon across…


The Oxenfree alternate reality game you probably didn’t know about

It all began with a phone number hidden within Oxenfree’s in-game radio stations, or “anomalies.” When called, it played the song “Beacon Beach,” by artist scntfc, the composer behind the game’s soundtrack. Well, so what? Go back and listen again and you’ll find lines of morse code in the song, with messages such as “Maggie,” “All is lost,” and most interestingly, “Search Twitter 4 num.” Internet sleuths looking the number up on Twitter found a cryptic profile, and so began Oxenfree’s alternate reality game (ARG) set out by the creators of the supernatural teen drama at Night School Studio. the discovery of a…


The Stanley Parable co-creator teases new game with mysterious ARG

Coming right off the tail of Davey Wreden’s The Beginner’s Guide, the other Stanley Parable co-creator William Pugh has begun teasing a new game of his own. The unnamed mystery game, described as “a weird puzzle,” will be the debut project for Pugh’s recently founded studio Crows Crows Crows. But aside from that bit of info, a few screenshots, and a strange ARG, we don’t know much about it just yet. The images depict a large, numbered vault locked away in a dark storage room, what appears to be the backstage area of a theater, and a pipe-filled basement with…