Grimes’ luscious pop music is now an interactive installation

Experimental pop musician Claire “Grimes” Boucher is a one-lady machine. Not only does the pop songstress compose and write all her own music, she also directs her own music videos and has a steady hand in producing. The fully-realized vision of Grimes is wholly Boucher’s own. Grimes is Grimes, because of Grimes. It only makes sense that the next logical step in the world of Grimes is a step beyond the musical sphere—an interactive art installation. Knowing Grimes’ music, it’ll be something wonderfully weird Grimes will be headlining the North Carolina music, art, and technology festival Moogfest, which will be…

Kill V. Maim

Grimes’ new music video is the epic finale to a sublime YA trilogy

The wait is finally over, Grimes fans—Kill V. Maim, the epic final chapter in the Art Angels trilogy, is finally here. And, boy, does Claire Boucher deliver. (A fair warning—the following contains spoilers, enthusiastic though they may be.) What more emotionally resonant opening could Kill V. Maim begin with than a race across the ruined city of Neonopolis? Atop her Doomsday Cruiser, our protagonist Grimes looks out at her childhood home; everything she’s fought so hard to prevent has come to pass.  This is, of course, after she’s become a vampire. Oh, she may smile and jape with her brave…


Grimes’ Art Angels obliterates pop culture

We like to talk about games in the context of all art and culture. If you agree, consider backing our Kickstarter! /// Grimes destroys the male gaze. And the female gaze. If you will, the human gaze. Can’t stare right at her or you’re blinded, petrified. So Art Angels invites you to stare around the bubble, the distortion, the separation of you from her, it, self from self. It is sound and color through a cracked screen, a ghost in the machine, the machine Dance Dance Revolution, the ghost the soul of that girl who is always dancing on the…