Threes! creator unveils mysterious new project

Guildlings is a new mobile fantasy adventure game from Sirvo Studios, the team behind 2014’s mobile puzzler Threes!, that might explore some of the lesser-seen sides of fantasy. Game designer Asher Vollmer and the Sirvo team have released sparing details for this new project set to be out in 2017, which we’re happy to wait for as Threes! was one of our favorite games of 2014. Though deceptively simple, the amount of meticulous design behind Threes! is staggering, both in terms of the actual puzzle design and the seamless user experience. But even with the success of Threes!, Vollmer wasn’t satisfied…


This chart explains why Threes! is so painlessly brilliant

Like many of you, I am completely addicted to Threes!, the lovely new heir to the Drop7 and TripleTown fortune. And by fortune, I mean all of my time. David Wolinsky’s review hit the nail on the head, but as a strap-hanging commuter of New York City, I can’t help but feel like there’s something special about being able to play a game with one hand and hang on for dear life with the other. It’s not a common use case in a sense–having one hand hooked to a steel railing–but in another, building for this type of experience puts Threes! in…