The invention of BARCHboi, the videogame deity

For the past couple of years, the digital artist and game maker known as BARCHboi has kept himself secretive. His primary online identity has been a logo of a portrait with a black bar across the eyes, overlaid with glitches. Now BARCHboi (real name: Joseph Dowsett) has made himself naked. His new “exploration glitchventure game” DEIDIA comes with an autobiographical making-of document that traces his creative history as far back as 2007, when he was 13 years old, going through all the struggles between then and now that brought him to make his latest interactive artefact. The document is fascinating…


Deidia, a love letter to broken games and abandonware

When Barch released DEIOS back in 2014 there was something immediately off about it. It proposed that you were a man. It proposed that this man assembled guns from hundreds of possible parts. It proposed that with one of these guns this man would shoot gods until they were dead. But all the guns were fucked. And killing even one of the gods proved to be near-impossible. DEIOS seemed too hard or too broken to feasibly spend much time with it. Yet this seems to have been the game and perhaps the experience that Barch wanted to create. What to expect from…


Sneak into DeityNet to trade secrets with cyberpunkers

DeityNet is an Alt.BBS community. DeityNet is a Messaging program. It is only for the greatest cyberpunks, Demosceners, and Crack Gangs in the Deios Operating System. If you do not belong to one of those categories then you should stay out. Do not participate. Go away. This is the warning that I must recite otherwise my service as part of the True_RED Demogroup would be retired. I’d probably be killed. Or maybe not. I don’t know, but I do fear the consequences that come with betraying my online peers. That much I’m certain about. a crystal ball nestled in witchy fingers …