Let a low-rez world of flesh and metal overwhelm you

You should probably take a seat before you watch Mattis Dovier‘s Inside. Just get your head straight, y’know, couple of deep breaths, because Dovier’s animated short is a hugely discomfiting, bleak take on the relationship between people and technology. It spreads like a plague: our monotone narrator guides us through a future where, just beneath a pliable film of flesh, lies a gleaming mechanical skeleton. He dreams of cables sluicing below his skin and bursting from his mouth; a burn on his hand dries and cracks wide to reveal cold metal within. His doctor diagnoses him with “severe hypochondria,” but he knows there’s…

Mosh Pit Simulator

Mosh Pit Simulator’s new trailer is equal parts creepy and funny

The human body is weird in alternatingly horrifying and hilarious ways, and sometimes both at once. This is true all of the time, but becomes all the more apparent in extreme situations such as sex or mosh pits. That is the central intuition behind Mosh Pit Simulator, Sos Sosowski’s virtual reality game for which a new trailer was released on Monday. Intuition might be pushing it. As Michelle Ehrhardt previously reported for Kill Screen, the game was born out of happenstance and strange discoveries more than a linear plan. But here it is: a video of strange nude-ish bodies deforming,…


Everyone should be squirming to play Push Me Pull You

Sweating, writhing, fleshy worms are locked in combat with each other. Their two heads and four arms struggle to maintain dominance over one another. It’s a vicious and gross game of sport. And yet it is somehow completely, utterly adorable. Push Me Pull You lands somewhere between sumo wrestling, a soccer match, and the body-horror nightmare of The Human Centipede (2010). It has two teams of two players competing to gain control of the ball on a playfield, each pair working together to wriggle their conjoined bodies cooperatively to score points. The maneuvers available to each player at either end…


The King of the Monsters is f*cking back

Remember all the times America has tried to remake and refashion Godzilla (1954)? Cool! Neither do I, because this teaser for the upcoming Godzilla Resurgence (or Shin Gojira, which delightfully could mean anything from True Godzilla to God Godzilla) is so much better than any of those movies or cartoons in their entirety. I would trade a hundred Hank Azaria cabbies, a thousand sobbing Bryan Cranstons, for what we’re being gifted with here. Take a look: I don’t need to belabor the point, do I? True: the early trailers for Gareth Edwards’s 2014 Godzilla promised a similar level of gravitas and awe, but the final product didn’t deliver…


The world of Death Trash is gross, but you won’t be able to look away

Desert punks in a puke bar. Gore on the cave walls. A giant weeping blood into a lava pit. It can only be… Death Trash! Death Trash is an upcoming game pitched as a post-apocalyptic RPG mash-up of Planescape: Torment and Ultima 7, with added helpings of sex, cyberpunk, and horror. At first glance, I’m not personally interested in the role-playing elements—what captivates me most is how casually disgusting this world looks. Sickness and violence seem to be at the heart of this abrasive new society, where sweet-talking, telekinetic punks with shotguns roam and raw, gory meat seems to burst…


Battle fat-shaming and enjoy your body with Eat All The Ice Cream Ever

It’s summertime! Which invariably signals the smell of sizzling burgers, the sound of joy and splashing, and the ungodly sight of your gut hanging over the front of your swim trunks like a slab of slimy dolphin meat. I’d say self-hatred is as much a summer tradition as Memorial Day weekend barbecues. Only it lasts all summer instead of just a weekend and entails an ingestion of self-loathing rather than delicious hamburgers. Body shaming is such a tradition that US Weekly runs a season-long “perfect beach bod” celeb column. And, of course, when the fashion brand LilLy Pulitzer was reprimanded…