ANATOMY is a masterpiece of cassette tape horror

The scariest part of The Exorcist (1973) for me wasn’t all the bedroom acrobatics and green puke, it was a much subtler scene. In it, Father Karras sits before large spinning reels as they playback the recorded voice of possessed 12-year-old Reagan MacNeil, all of it incomprehensible gurgled groans and anguished, hoarse throatiness. Karras wants to know what language it is and the guy who’s assisting him has the answer: “It’s a language alright.” He pauses. “It’s English.” Turns out Reagan was speaking English in reverse. It then cuts to Karras later that night, lit by the low light of…


The analog wonderland of Small Radios Big Televisions is coming to PS4

Small Radios Big Televisions looks like it’s going to supply a some pretty magnificent worlds to get lost in. The upcoming game, currently in development by the Canadian one-man team FIRE FACE, promises heavy doses of tape-distorted visuals, warbly oscillators, and fun with analog media (or at least the idea of it). And to sweeten the deal, Owen Deery of FIRE FACE announced today that he has secured both PC and PS4 releases for SRBT. According to Deery, this means he’s going to be able to produce a “real, full game” with about 4-5 hours of playtime, multiple factories to explore, and…