A boardgame about climate change that melts as you play

The world is warming up. This we know. Over its long, long life, the Earth has gone through multiple cycles of cooling and heating up again, or glacial advance and retreat. These are largely attributed to small shifts in the Earth’s orbit, which change the amount of solar energy received by the planet. To find reasons for the current heating up of the globe, however, we must look to no one but ourselves. As we pump greenhouses gases into the atmosphere, wrapping ourselves in a giant, insulating, carbon dioxide blanket, the sea level rises and the ice sheets shrink; the…


The beautiful augmented reality dreamscape of Wuxia the Fox

Eight years ago, around the time when the word “transmedia” first started getting tossed around, Jonathan Belisle began collecting his dreams into an ill-defined storyworld. “I started writing the story of a young girl named Oremia, who dreamed about whales. It was nothing structured. Mostly an aggregation of random ideas with the same characters. I thought it was an interesting narrative path, and it really inspired lots of film scripts. During that time I was also creating this series of live performances that used networks, physical installations, and media to create immersive events where the audience felt trapped—but happy to stay—in the…


First small glimpse of Submerged paints a brother, sister and a mysterious gate

We’ve been watching Submerged, the new future release from the Australians at Uppercut Games, since it was quietly announced this summer. They posted on their development blog that they are going for a kind of “destroyed beauty,” which we so often see in these games about exploring ramshackle solitary worlds, like Vane and Cylne. But in the case of Submerged, it’s a world that’s undergone environmental change. And given the world’s focus on climate change and that more than 300,000 people marched on Wall Street to demand changes in our climate policy, the timing couldn’t be better. Uppercut’s already released some…