Everything is going to be OK

You probably need this interactive zine about being hopelessly optimistic

Game maker and web artist Nathalie Lawhead announced that she’s making an interactive zine earlier this week, under the working title “Everything is going to be OK.” It’s about being hopelessly optimistic while everything is breaking around you. “It’s a cathartic dump of my past experiences mostly about feeling hopeless or ostracized for being a woman and doing the tech thing,” Lawhead told me. This is a topic she has written about before. “To me, the election results drove the point across that this situation will not improve.” What she fears most is the “sexist backlash” that having Donald Trump…


This videogame glitch wants to be an artist too

Over the weekend, Willy Chyr encountered a rare and beautiful demon inside the code for his upcoming spatial puzzler Relativity. Beyond being a mere bug, this unknown corruption has emerged from a new shader Chyr was toying around with while creating a series of conceptual screenshots he deemed the “Rorschach Test Series.” When he accidentally set the camera size too small, Chyr saw that the shader proceeded to warp the virtual architecture of the game into striking serendipitous tableaus on its own accord. It dwarfed his initial experiment. Rather than trying to eliminate the effect, as he presumably would with…