Hypnospace Outlaw

Hypnospace Outlaw will turn you into the internet police

Scumbags on the internet causing trouble again? Dropsy (2015) creator Jay Tholen knows who to call—The Hypnospace Enforcers! Hypnospace Outlaw takes players to the literal information superhighway as internet defenders. “In said future, most people work for a powerful corporatocracy all day, and cruise the Hypnospace Highway while sleeping,” Tholen said. “There are competing virtual sleep worlds, but Hypnospace reigns supreme.” In Hypnospace Outlaw, players are moderators of the Geocities-like future internet. They’re the Hypnospace Enforcers. Much of the design focuses on browsing a series of Hypnospace websites—dancing sprites and flashing text abound—and learning about the folks who inhabit the…


Dropsy the clown is looking positively sopping wet

There is a vocal contingent of the Kill Screen staff that does not like to even put their eyes upon Dropsy. They will not speak his name. The big, doughy clown, who stars in an upcoming, eponymous point-and-click adventure game, straddles an uncomfortable line of realistic heft and cartoonish, Gumby-like appendages; his face is clearly the stuff of evil-clown rubber masks, but there’s a vacancy to his yellow eyes that somehow counteracts it; I assume when he makes sounds, they are sorta weird moans or something. This new video of the game adds a new discomfiting touch: apparently the game…


Dropsy, the clown game, is still decidedly horrifying and loveable

Remember Dropsy, everyone’s favorite clown/nightmare fuel? For those who don’t remember, Dropsy first began as a good joke on the Something Awful forums in 2004 and quickly spiraled into The Creepy Clown Game That Could, with over a decades worth of tumultuous development history, including: an almost-successful Kickstarter, then an overly-successful Kickstarter, before finally arriving at a publishing deal with Devolver Digital. Dropsy survived it all, his painted red smile unwavering (because it’s painted) and bulbous body #ready to do nightmarish clown stuff like hug trees. The Little Creepy Clown Game That Could  Dropsy flourished from weird internet thing into…