The videogame tribute to Philip K. Dick is out today

Philip K. Dick may be decades-dead but the extraordinary visions that lined the pages of his fictions are more alive than ever. There is perhaps no better proof of this than Californium—a videogame that weaves Dick’s influential stories with his own drug-fueled delusions into a multi-dimensional trip. It’s out today in full for PC over on Steam. It should also become available for free over on the ARTE Creative website, but only the first episode for now, with the following three to be released in order on March 1st, 8th, and the 15th. surrendering itself entirely to his sci-fi notions…


Simogo announces four-part "podcast mystery," is just the coolest

“Deep breath.” /// Swedish pair Simon Flesser and Magnus Gardebäck, the two personalities that form Simogo, have proven their talent in producing air-sucking audiences. Year Walk was a creepy folk-thriller that you gasped along to. DEVICE 6 used text as a path to weave a tale of regular staccato; you took sharp inward breaths at every knife-twist and solved puzzle. Then, with The Sailor’s Dream, we rowed along a sea of lost places, caught in a meditative reverie. Here, you could breath with the rhythm of the waves, which were a reliable return location from each journey into the game’s…