SNES code injection

The hacker pulling off SNES glitches that only machines were supposed to do

We’re at a time when artificial intelligence is not only mimicking human behavior but surpassing it. The common story now is one of a previously human-exclusive activity—usually labor or a sport—being performed better by a machine programmed to perfect it. That’s why it might feel like we’re on the verge of everything tipping into the robots’ favor: the many technological warnings of science-fiction coming true (Skynet in 1984’s The Terminator, etc). Perhaps this is why Seth Bling does what he does. He’s something of a videogame engineer and hacker who, among other things, specializes in completing tasks that only machines were thought…


Rolling Stone tracks down Flappy Bird creator. Learns of his chastisement by old women

At this point, everyone knows the story of Flappy Bird. How could you not? But the question that remained is: Why? Was it nervous breakdown? Political pressure? Twitter death-threats? Severe chastisement from old women who don’t much care for videogames?  Rolling Stone has tracked down the shy, home-dwelling Vietnamese wunderkind Dong Nguyen in Hanoi to find out why he pulled the plug on the strangest gaming craze outside Twitch Plays Pokemon. And his reason is as strange as anything else associated with this game: he kept receiving complaints that Flappy Bird addiction was ruining people’s lives.  One is from a…


PSA: Flappy Bird creator has other games to get addicted to, write thinkpieces about

The reaction and the reaction to the reaction to Flappy Bird continues to mystify. But what we should really care about are games, not online circuses. Right? So, let’s talk games. It just so happens Dong Nguyen has made a few more of those, two of which are still available for free on iTunes: Shuriken Block and Super Ball Juggling. Both are pretty much what you’d expect, seeming to exist somewhere in the city you see in the distance while doing all that flapping. Of course, both are incredibly difficult. And both are pretty solid, in their way. Shuriken Block…