Thatgamecompany teases new multiplayer game “about giving” for 2017

Thatgamecompany has teased its next game after Journey (2012) with an image and the promise of its arrival in 2017. It’s also been confirmed that, unlike thatgamecompany’s previous three games—flOw (2006), Flower (2009), and Journey—it will not be exclusive to PlayStation platforms. The teases came yesterday on the studio’s Twitter account and a blog post. The first was an image of a lit candle about to light another one, with the words “a game about giving” accompanying it, as well as a link to a new Twitter account specifically for this new game, @thatnextgame. That account’s profile description also tells us…


Hard empirical evidence that games are better than music

Well, kinda. A new study by researchers at the University of Barcelona shows that some people are incapable of having emotional responses to music. But those very same people who don’t get all misty-eyed when they hear “Desperado” still found games stimulating. For the study, researchers gathered 30 emotionally healthy students. Then, they monitored their heart rates and sweat levels while they listened to music everyone should be familiar with. Next, they did a similar test while the subjects played a game for money. The results showed that some people are genuinely apathetic about music, but all subjects responded positively…