Fulcrum aims to capture the grace and freedom of snowboarding

When FRACT OSC (2014) creator Phosfiend Systems’s Richard Flanagan met up with Ben Swinden at the 2015 Toronto Game Jam, they found serendipitous inspiration in their shared love of snowboarding. The two quickly came up with the idea of an infinite, looping mountainscape, full of “branching pathways, hidden areas, and other secrets”—a low-poly love letter to their favorite sport. The prototype that resulted from the jam was rough, and difficult for many players, but they knew they’d hit on something meaningful. For now, they call it Fulcrum. “Snowboarding has been a big piece of both mine and Richard’s lives. It’s…


Fract bringing krautrock to the music game genre April 22

Not being particularly German nor particularly old, I admittedly have little firsthand knowledge of the subculture surrounding krautrock, the musical movement that gave us electronic bands like Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream, although I did once hear a bootlegged CAN show.  But Fract OSC sure looks like an old German hippy’s dream come true, with prog electronica and plenty of esoteric synthesizers to noodle. Everything about this game looks cool, and it’s just nice to see the music game genre expanding to include more than generic techno and pop songs from the radio. The game, in case you’ve missed it, is…