New publisher confirms Gorogoa and What Remains of Edith Finch for spring 2017

It’s good news time: two of Kill Screen‘s most anticipated games have signed up to a new publisher and have been confirmed for arrival in spring 2017. Those games are the visual-art puzzle game Gorogoa and the haunting short story collection What Remains of Edith Finch. More on those two games in a sec, but first, who is this new publisher? It’s called Annapurna Interactive, a new division of the Hollywood-based production company Annapurna Pictures—who are behind films like Her (2013), Zero Dark Thirty (2012), and this year’s Sausage Party—which will be dedicated to producing and publishing videogames. We’re told…


Hurray! Keita Takahashi has made a wonderful new plaything

At the Game Developer’s Conference in 2013, I cruised through the expo floor areas on a student pass. With such a limiting pass, I wasn’t able to do much. That was, until I stumbled upon Tenya Wanya Teens (2013), a never-publicly-released experimental party game from none other than game designer Keita Takahashi, of Katamari Damacy (2004) and Noby Noby Boy (2009) fame, and composer Asuka Sakai (also, incidentally, his wife). Tenya Wanya Teens is fun in its purest form. The game has a strange controller, a panel with 16 multicolored buttons, and a joystick for moving characters around the environment.…


Katamari Damacy’s creator will have us unite friends with a giant funsplosion next

While members of the press struggle to properly label Wattam (is it a puzzle game? A sandbox? A friendship simulator?), the latest trailer only continues to defy all categorization and genre. If you haven’t played on of Keita Takahashi’s games before then you haven’t seen a game quite like Wattam, and that’s only one of its extraordinary qualities. Co-founded by ex-thatgamecompany (Journey) producer Robin Hunickie, and famed Katamri Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, Funomena game studio is creating a playground that unlocks only through friendship, experimentation, and explosions. Hidden beneath Wattam‘s happy-go-lucky exterior lies a story world of unexpected tragedy. “After a series…