Now you can hang ICO and Shadow of the Colossus paintings on your wall

There isn’t a lot of videogame art I would hang on a wall. In fact, to date, there is only one piece of videogame-related artwork in my house, and it’s Judson Cowan’s rendition of Lordran from Dark Souls (2011). Now, I think may have found it some company. Cook & Becker, an art dealership, is now selling prints of the paintings that Japanese game director Fumito Ueda did when conceptualizing ICO (2001) and Shadow of the Colossus (2005), limited to 500 copies each. You’ll recognize the painting for ICO if you live in Europe or Japan, as it was used as the…


Walk inside the dreamy paintings of a Metaphysical art pioneer

Imagine if you could visit any museum in the entire world: The Louvre, the MET, the MOMA. Any museum you’ve ever dreamed of. Now imagine again, if you could literally visit and walk within any work of art from around the world. This is a gift that Gigoia Studios has brought to life, time and again, with their fine art appreciation projects. Now realized to its fullest capacity with the fully completed SURREALISTa, a virtual, interactive exploration through eight classic paintings of Italian metaphysical art pioneer Giorgio de Chirico. Not diminished by new technology, but enhanced De Chirico’s work is…


One of the greatest metaphysical painters gets a surreal videogame tribute

Behind the sunlit arches of amber stone and their elongated shadows, behind the marble busts poised lonesome in the air, behind the ivy-crept porticos sitting empty with umbra, there lies a self-portrait of the Italian artist Giorgio de Chirico. His aged quilt-like face is the last sight for you to take in as you leave the videogame tribute to him, SURREALISTa. It’s appropriate in that it positions de Chirico behind all his work, for he is remembered more for his legacy than his seminal talents—he almost seemed to foresee this by writing “What shall I love if not the enigma?”…