Final Fantasy XV

Final Fantasy XV wants to be the next great road trip but can’t shut up

There are five central characters in Final Fantasy XV. The first four are young men with impeccable hairdos and absurd names: Noctis, Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto. The fifth is a sleek black convertible stately enough to be named the Regalia. Like every other Final Fantasy game, XV is about a long, dangerous journey across a fantastic landscape. Unlike the rest of the series, though, it doesn’t hang its story on the stuffy conventions of a Lord of the Rings-style cross-country wilderness hike, but through a road trip. The car, in Final Fantasy XV, is a central character. The Regalia is…


Following the digital ghosts of a dead social network

Do you worship at the altar of the microblog? Think about it. What’s your morning ritual? Reaching for your phone before you brush your teeth? Commenting on a Facebook status during the drive to work? Replying to emails between bites of a breakfast bagel? The trailer of Book of the Dead says it best: “Entertainment dominates our lives. We consume content and it consumes us.” We consume content and it consumes us.   Silverstring Media, the team behind Book of the Dead, calls the project a digital triptych, a three-part interactive project, on a world in ruins after the collapse…