A boardgame about climate change that melts as you play

The world is warming up. This we know. Over its long, long life, the Earth has gone through multiple cycles of cooling and heating up again, or glacial advance and retreat. These are largely attributed to small shifts in the Earth’s orbit, which change the amount of solar energy received by the planet. To find reasons for the current heating up of the globe, however, we must look to no one but ourselves. As we pump greenhouses gases into the atmosphere, wrapping ourselves in a giant, insulating, carbon dioxide blanket, the sea level rises and the ice sheets shrink; the…


Ico gets eco in the first trailer for Submerged

Submerged explores a vaguely serene, post-apocalyptic world that is, well, submerged, thanks to global warming, melting icecaps, and poorly constructed window air conditioner units. We’ve been tracking it for awhile, through screenshots and Vines, and now the Australian studio Uppercut Games has released a full trailer. Seeing this thing in motion teases out the Ico-ness of it: the sense of melancholy, the earnestness of its central relationship, the way it explores a brown palette without looking, like, all brown everything.  The game is due out next year.