The Silver Case

The Silver Case HD completes the 17 year localization of an iconic videogame trilogy

Goichi Suda, or Suda 51 as he is often known, can be a hard person to pin down. His work, especially in recent years, has been accepted into videogame culture as “crazy” or “weird,” identified as flippant stories filled with self-referential non-sequiturs and mulched manga plotlines. “Oh it’s just crazy old Suda,” seems to be the standard response to his work, and you can drown in articles that introduce him as “the Tarantino of games.” This is a side effect of his breakthrough game perhaps, the otaku assassin simulator No More Heroes (2007), which cemented him as a master of the…


Weren’t a fan of Shadows of the Damned’s garrulous humor? Blame EA

I tend to think of Grasshopper Manufacture’s Shadows of the Damned as a prototypical Suda 51 game: a perverse, sexually frustrated, B-movie kill-fest that is nevertheless a lot of fun. Your protagonist’s gun is a talking skull named Boner. But according to Suda, the game as he envisioned it wasn’t supposed to turn out that way. Instead, it was the overseers at Electronics Arts, who financed the game through their Partners program, that told him to change things. “That game went through about five different versions,” he told Edge. “For example, originally when Garcia took out his gun and looked…


Suda51: "I personally would like to thoroughly demolish the existing Grasshopper traits."

Cheerleaders splattered with the blood of the undead. Light sabers suggestive of masturbation. The “gigolo mini-game.” These grindhouse-y, Freudian, sexually twisted themes are the kind of stunts Goichi Suda, popularly known as Suda51, and his studio Grasshopper Manufacture, are known for. But now the sexually surreal director you love, or hate, or love to hate, or really any combination of hate and love, is saying he’s turning over a new artistic leaf.  In an interview with 4Gamer, he claims he’s grown weary of being pigeonholed as that studio known for making bloody and jiggly Japanese games, feeling creatively limited. “I…