The year in graphic adventures

Growing up, graphic adventures were essential. Sure, I might have gone to Greg’s house to race through some Mario Kart tracks now and then, or called up Izzy if I were looking for the vicarious thrill of watching him charge the dark corridors of DOOM (I was too skittish to actually play). But at home on my dad’s IBM were the mainstays: a treasure trove of epic adventures with funny dialogue and exotic, lushly rendered locales where I could hang out and explore for hours on end. The Caribbean, the lost city of Atlantis, the increasingly satirical lands of Daventry…


Film noir/Mexican folk-lore classic Grim Fandango headed back to computers, too

Grim Fandango, Tim Schafer’s stone-cold-classic first-ever 3D game, will also becoming to the PC, Mac, and Linux. First announced by Sony during E3 as an exclusive, Schafer has revealed that the not only will the game come to the home computers, but will do so on the same day as PS4 and Vita. Schafer hasn’t gotten to spend much time with Grim Fandango in the 15 years since he left LucasArts and founded Double Fine. “As soon as we brought these two crazy elements together, film noir and mexican folklore,” he says in the making-of below, “it was just one…


Watch Tim Schafer get wistful about one of his nearest dearest projects

This mini-documentary of a raspy Tim Schafer talking tenderly about Grim Fandango is just great. It has everything a fan of that classic, soon-to-be-revived, adventure game featuring martini-sipping skull-faced rakes could want. There’s 15 minutes of old photos of the gang at LucasArts; props and design docs and behind-the-scenes ephemera; and Tim wearing a Pixies shirt. But the best part is it closes with a personal oath that DoubleFine is going to do this remastering right, which gave me the impression that it will receive more than a beautiful visual overhaul. This one is Schafer’s baby, after all. 


Grim Fandango lives again on PlayStation. Viva la Revolución indeed!

Who saw this one coming? A shiny, new remastered version of Grim Fandango—the legendary game to feature a tux-wearing, Pall Mall-dragging skull man—is on its way to PS4 and Vita.  For the uninitiated, Grim Fandango is an old, famous adventure game (from 1998) that carries an air of mystique for a couple of reasons. One, it has a hyper-imaginative Mexican noir scenario that could be described as a Day of the Dead celebration meets Casablanca.   Two, it benefits from being that inaccessible cult title from that prestigious director, you know, like how you used to only be able to…