Keyboard Sports wants you to find joy in using keyboards again

Keyboard Sports turned my Spacebar into a couch and that is so darn delightful. Thank you for that, Keyboard Sports. I’ve never really seen my keyboard as anything other than a set of lettered keys before. I barely look at it as I jam my fingers into it every day, typing up my thoughts, but now it has regained my attention—it’s like my imagination from childhood has been reawakened. Now I see that my keyboard can have its own geography: each key could be a building as part of a city, or a single tree in a forest. With the right…

Disc Room

Disc Room distills 1970s dystopias down to a bloody demise

If there’s one thing that Disc Room shares with Vlambeer’s games—the studio for which creator Jan Willem Nijman works under when he’s not toiling away on other projects—it’s the ability to get all the action packed into a single GIF. That and screenshake. Of course it has screenshake. Disc Room is a game of avoidance—what Nijman calls a “dodge-’em up.” You need to survive 30 seconds in a cramped arena in order to grow old in this spin-off of 70s-inspired dystopian science fiction, including Logan’s Run (1976) and THX 1138 (1971). Your only weapons against the evil discs trying to smear you across the walls are…


Here are a bunch of indie games apparently worth $1

A website called is spewing out indie games today for $1 apiece. These are, generally, of the XBLIG or Greenlight Gold level of artistic merit: either a jagged rip-off of a preexisting game or an attempt at something bigger marred by colored-pencil artwork. We bring this up not to shit on the games, but to ask: why does this exist? We’ve all felt the tug of the Steam sale or the Humble Bundle, wherein we stockpile unplayed games that, more often than not, remain unplayed. This has become such a phenomenon that people have created calculators that measure how…