Screenshot from die-agnosis of patient examining screen

Die-Agnosis turns the terrifying history of medical treatment into comedy

Being a doctor in olden times wasn’t an easy task. With no antiseptics, antibiotics, or anesthesia, caring for patients even now wouldn’t be an easy task. You can throw on top of that constant plagues and, oh yeah, replace all modern medical knowledge with cures such as peeing into someone’s ear to relieve their earache. The only thing worse than being an ancient doctor is needing an ancient doctor. Die-Agnosis puts you in the shoes of one of these thoroughly misguided doctors, just doing their best to help the ill. “My sore is oozing” Die-Agnosis was created for Ludum Dare…


Artist imagines what Instagram would look like on Windows 95

Windows 95 had a lot going for it: its iconic startup sound; its soothing teal background; Internet Explorer in its earliest, purest form; and my personal favorite, the Paint program. Today, if you’re ever feeling particularly nostalgic, you can run Windows 95 in your browser. (True to history, attempting to use Internet Explorer will cause the emulator to crash.) But the emulator reveals a conspicuous absence: no Instagram. Yes, Instagram only launched in 2010, and as a free mobile app rather than a Windows 95-friendly .exe program. But what if it had come into existence two decades earlier? Russian graphic…


The bizarre, Burton-esque JRPG that almost got away returns on PS4

Okage: Shadow King (2001) was always the game that barely slipped away. The game Hot Topic would have capitalized on, had it discovered it in time. The game I (now regretfully) sold as a teen for store credit to put towards buying a PlayStation 3. Yet now, despite the odds, Okage is back. When it was announced a few days ago that Okage was coming to PlayStation 4 through the platform’s PS2-to-PS4 emulation, my brain tickled with fond but long-forgotten memories of the cult classic that never entirely faded away. Okage: Shadow King is a strange title among its genre’s…

Deer Lord

Finally, a card game created exclusively for weirdos

If you have a bunch of weirdo friends who think it’s normal to be weird (and why wouldn’t they?), boy have we got the card game for you. The strategic party game DEER LORD! is basically a trying-to-assimilate-to-society-but-can’t-because-you’re-too-weird simulator. It’s described as being ideal for a group of friends that likes to “deceive, manipulate and confuse each other,” because the basic premise is that you must trick other people into thinking your weirdo tendencies are normal. Each player draws five cards from the deck that give them the option to either “duel” with another player, or instructs them to “do something.” Duels are…