The future of electronic interaction can be found in the middle of Kentucky

The reason higher education combines “arts” and “sciences” is because all art is, in essence, an emotional and psychological experiment. People want to experience joy, fear, ennui, etc., but aren’t always able (or willing) to experience the events that would normally create such intense feelings. In this regard, the artist is the mad scientist and the audience members are all rats in her maze. “I’m usually more interested in what’s happening outside the screen than inside the screen,” says Matt Hudgins, videogame developer and creator of Speculo, an art installation that uses a digital camera to record the viewer and…

Rachel Rossin, “After GTA V” (2015)

“After GTA V” and the inevitable deterioration of data

New York artist Rachel Rossin sees beauty in an ersatz sunset. “GTA V has some of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen and they give me a very similar experience to the sublime that I experience in ‘real life,’” she says. “This was very interesting as my show, Lossy, was about the translation of physical reality to virtual reality.” Her exhibition, Lossy, was held in Zieher Smith & Horton, Manhattan from October 15th through November 14th 2015. Part of it pays tribute to those unreal sunsets in Grand Theft Auto V as an oil on canvas painting titled “After GTA…


Human Harp lends grace to industrial spaces

Di Mainstone is an artist whose work bridges the gap between sculpture and the human body. She entwines the two, creating wearable, touchable, playable apparatuses that range from pulsing Cronenberg-style bioforms to a neck-mounted motion-based instrument that transforms its wearer into a one-woman Cremaster Cycle. Her current project is the Human Harp, a “clip-on instrument” that places the wearer at the center of a string web, acting like the hammers of an exploded piano. Playing the thing is like a performance art version of Isabelle Adjani’s legendary freakout in Possession, all writhing and bending and lunging—it’s beautiful in its intense physicality. See…