Hot Lava

Childhood game ‘The Floor is Lava’ is being turned into a videogame

As a child, imagination turned the familiar and mundane into something more during play. Legos let you create amazing structures and recreate your favorite heroes and cartoons. Battles worthy of their own comic splash pages took place between action figures. A playground wasn’t just baking metal slides and swings; it was a fortress or pirate ship. And the floor wasn’t tiles or wood or carpet, but lava to be avoided at all costs. If their next game is any indication, the team over at Klei must have really loved that last one. angry red by the lakes of lava that…


Firewatch looks like Walking Dead and Kentucky Route Zero’s love child

Campo Santo, the self-described “small but scrappy” indie studio announced last year, finally revealed Firewatch as its first game. If you’re a podcast listener, you’ll recognize Campo Santo as the latest collaboration between Idle Thumbs host and ex-TellTale lead designers Jake Rodkin and Sean Vanaman. Many other seasoned designers shape this company’s star-studded team, hailing from notable developers such as Double Fine (Brutal Legend and The Cave), 2K (Bioshock II), and Klei Entertainment (Mark of the Ninja).  The developer’s blog describes Firewatch as a “single-player, first-person exploration mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness.” You’ll play as Henry, whose peaceful summer job as the fire lookout in Yellowstone National Park gets…