An upcoming cyberpunk horror is about hacking into people’s fears

While Polish studio Bloober Team doesn’t have the most intimidating name in the world, their horror game released earlier this year, Layers of Fear, showed that they had a particular appetite for dread. Loaded as it was with Edgar Allan Poe clichés, Layers of Fear still hinted a certain mastery of perspective. The game’s strongest moments were when paintings and pedestrian items began to feel like instruments of a malicious trickster, a game where it felt like something was right behind you or crawling between the walls. Fear and its perceptions seem to be the driving force in their new…


Layers of Fear can’t transform the tortured artist trope

On January 2nd, George R.R. Martin came clean with his readers about his progress on the sixth book of A Song of Ice and Fire (1996-present): Winds of Winter would not be published before season 6 of Game of Thrones (2011-present) goes to air on HBO. Readers could choose not to watch the show as it is released, but as any basically sociable person with a stable Internet connection knows, dodging Game of Thrones spoilers is a hopeless occupation. Martin explained his disappointment in a long post on his blog with an apology that laid bare some of his anxieties…


Reel in horror at Layers of Fear’s freakish twist on fine art

There’s something eerie about da Vinci’s Lady with an Ermine—that distant stare, the strangely serpentine choice of rodent, the utter darkness of the backdrop, perhaps? Even before the trailer for Layers of Fear transforms the subject of da Vinci’s portrait work into a skeletal atrocity gripping a snarling demon rat, it has the same faintly unsettling quality I tend to see in a lot of the classic art of 15th and 16th century Europe. So it makes sense that Layers of Fear, which follows a painter’s descent into madness, would focus on these types of masterpieces. The creep factor is already there. each…