An enormous and beautiful Indian transmedia project comes to videogames

In 2013, the Sri Lankan newspaper The Sunday Times interviewed Avinash Kumar, an experimental VJ (video jockey) from India, about a project he was heading: a short story that became a graphic novel that became an album with his audio-visual collective BLOT!, which then became something else altogether. The story was said to center on a South Indian man with synesthesia who went to Mars. “It’s become so much larger,” Kumar told the newspaper then, as a result of his initial concept of “Future Botanical” running away with itself. Fast-forward to 2016. On June 14, a game called Antariksha Sanchar (Transmissions…


Engare, a videogame about the mathematical beauty of Islamic art

Iranian game maker Mahdi Bahrami is the kind of person who answers a question with more questions. I don’t think he can stop himself. “What will happen if I add a short line to one of the tiles in a mosque?” he asks me. “If we take into account the tiling rules of the mosque, what would the whole wall look like after we add the line? What if we change the rules? What would the mosque ceiling look like?” I don’t know. But for Bahrami, that’s entirely the point—his upcoming puzzle game Engare is about exploring this unknown space and…


Miegakure lets you touch the actual 4th dimension, creator says

As far as dimensions go, the 4th dimension is pretty impossible to understand. That’s because you can’t perceive or really even conceive it. But according to Miegakure creator Marc Ten Bosch, his metaphysical puzzler inspired by Japanese gardening allows the 4th dimension to be made real.  Over at The Creator’s Project, in probably the most fascinating interview with a game dev ever, he gets all esoteric about math and explains how the dimension-shifting in his game is based on mathematical concepts, which are actual proof that the 4th dimension does exist. He says: Does a fourth dimension of space actually…