This is Fine

“This is Fine,” a game for post-election results America

Just over a week has passed since Donald Trump became the United States’ president-elect in a historic upset that rattled the hearts and minds of progressive America. Like so many others, I watched the final hours of the election in tears as the inconceivable became our new reality. Since last Tuesday, a significant spike in hate crimes has been reported, the hateful now emboldened by the election of a man who shares their values. Protests against Trump have erupted all over the country. Hundreds of thousands of people are taking to the streets to let the nation know that he is “not…

Hypnospace Outlaw

Hypnospace Outlaw will turn you into the internet police

Scumbags on the internet causing trouble again? Dropsy (2015) creator Jay Tholen knows who to call—The Hypnospace Enforcers! Hypnospace Outlaw takes players to the literal information superhighway as internet defenders. “In said future, most people work for a powerful corporatocracy all day, and cruise the Hypnospace Highway while sleeping,” Tholen said. “There are competing virtual sleep worlds, but Hypnospace reigns supreme.” In Hypnospace Outlaw, players are moderators of the Geocities-like future internet. They’re the Hypnospace Enforcers. Much of the design focuses on browsing a series of Hypnospace websites—dancing sprites and flashing text abound—and learning about the folks who inhabit the…


Deal With It bot lets you put a pair of virtual shades on anyone

Is there anything cooler than sunglasses? Yes. Leather jackets. That one sword move from Shinobi. Anything but vaping. But sunglasses are still pretty high up there. Inspired by the meme of the same name, the Deal With It bot is a simple web application that takes any photo of one or more faces and animates a pair of sunglasses coming from top of frame to cover their eyes, followed by text that says “DEAL WITH IT.” It works with both solo and group shots, but is unfortunately limited to pictures of real, human people, meaning that cartoon characters like Kermit…


The time has come to drop Drake off his own album cover

In Aubrey “Drake” Graham’s home city of Toronto, there are only two seasons: Winter and Summer. “It’s a very unique place,” said the rapper in an interview with Zane Lowe on his Beats One radio show OVO Sound Radio. “You start to value your days a lot more, when seven months are spent in the icy cold.” Views, the “fourth” studio album from Drake, dropped on Apple Music and iTunes lat last Thursday night (after a blitzkrieg of two mixtapes in the past year alongside some summertime diss tracks and singles—but none of them official, of course). Views, as described…


Delta’s meme-ified safety video signals the end of days (of sincerity)

Memes are to our generation what boomboxes and Marty McFly’s red vest are to the ’80s. First, they become icons, encapsulating the pop culture of an entire era in just one image. Then they become camouflage for out of touch content-creators salivating over the coveted 18-29 demographic, as they cry, “IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT? ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!” Delta Airlines’ “Internetest safety video on the Internet” at first seems like just another case of tone-deaf-company-itis. But, in reality, its much more insidious than that. Featuring everyone from the screaming Taylor Swift goat to doge himself, the “safety video” reads more…