News celebrates two decades of existence with a gift to future art historians

Always having their heads in the past has meant that archivists and museum organizers are generalized as old curmudgeons who can’t see the future through the coat of dinosaur dust on their glasses. But the MoMA continues to earn the modernity label embedded in its name, as an emblem of what a museum can be when it embraces the ephemeral landscape of its subject. So when the screeching siren’s call of dial-up internet sounded, the Museum of Modern Art of course answered without skipping a beat, launching their website on May 25th 1995. As the MoMA blog post celebrating the anniversary…


Twofivesix speaker Paola Antonelli on Colbert Report tonight to talk MoMA games exhibition

We love MoMA. We’ve thrown an arcade with them and worked with them on the most recent acquisition of 14 games for the permanent collection of architecture and design. Tonight, senior curator and future Twofivesix speaker Paola Antonelli will grace the stage of the Colbert Report to talk about MoMA’s games exhibition which opens this Saturday! Here’s Paola as part of a MoMA project called “30 Seconds” talking about the design collection at the museum and be sure to check her out tonight on Comedy Central at 11:30pm.


Exhibition of 80s art ignores games for their lack of desire

It took a long time, but videogames are finally being placed in museums as artistic objects to appreciate. The Smithsonian exhibit, “The Art of Video Games” ran from last March until September, giving fans and laymen alike a chance to view and play pivotal games from the nascent industry’s first four decades. The Museum of Modern Art in New York City recently acquired fourteen games to put on permanent display, placing Pajitnov (Tetris) and Rohrer (Passage) alongside Duchamp and Kandinsky. This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s is on display at the Institute of Contemporary Art…