Anne Horel

Shove your face into the hyper-eclectic web art of Anne Horel

When the internet was born the French artist Anne Horel was watching. In fact, I think it swallowed her. She exists now mostly as images stuck in looped emoji dances that are scattered around the web. Where she goes, rainbow fonts and pizza slices follow, spiraling off the screen in a ditz as they merge with the face of Miley Cyrus or a scene from a Disney movie. This is the labored work of a datamosh queen. Horel is a force of mass creation. If the rapid speed of the internet encourages us all to consume at a high rate, then Horel…


The vast, lurid possibilities of PNG glitches

Glitch art is wonderful. It has the potential to be beautiful and horrifying. The best is often both at the same time. It’s got so popular now that most of us can appreciate glitch art on a visual level. But when it comes to talking about it, well, we don’t really have a clue. There isn’t an established vocabulary surrounding glitch art so we’re left to just say “wow” or “wtf?!” We can do better.  One person who is helping with that is Tokyo-based artist UCNV. He’s delivered a document that aims to help us understand how to glitch PNGs. If…


MSHR’s electric glyphs evoke the alienness of our tech futures

LaTurbo Avedon’s Panther Modern opened up its tenth room recently. It’s an online exhibition space that encourages each of its contributing artists—all of who have their own 3D model file known as a “Room”—to experiment with the possibilities of software when creating their installations. The architecture of this exhibition is entirely virtual. It’s altered according to the aesthetic demands of every project. All the rooms together form a honeycomb of net art that wouldn’t be possible in physical space. Over the months, Panther Modern has hosted works as divergent as the frazzling, low-res and color-rich girly aesthetic of Emilie Gervais in…