Small Radios Big Televisions

Small Radios Big Televisions finds the beauty in machine glitches

Small Radios Big Televisions, a game about the joys of broken analog tech, is coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on November 8th. Mostly, it wants you to collect cassettes and play them in a tape recorder: special attention is given to the tape sliding into the tray, the chik of it being locked in, the reel slowly spinning to unwind its contents. For someone who remembers doing this over and over as a child bored in their room, it’s a sensual few seconds; the familiar choreography plugging straight into the spectral residue of fond memories. But that’s only the beginning.…


The analog wonderland of Small Radios Big Televisions is coming to PS4

Small Radios Big Televisions looks like it’s going to supply a some pretty magnificent worlds to get lost in. The upcoming game, currently in development by the Canadian one-man team FIRE FACE, promises heavy doses of tape-distorted visuals, warbly oscillators, and fun with analog media (or at least the idea of it). And to sweeten the deal, Owen Deery of FIRE FACE announced today that he has secured both PC and PS4 releases for SRBT. According to Deery, this means he’s going to be able to produce a “real, full game” with about 4-5 hours of playtime, multiple factories to explore, and…