Schlong is just like Pong, but with 100% more dicks

Needless to say, this article is NSFW. /// This is a difficult question to ask, so I’m just going to go ahead and get right to the meat of it. Have you ever been playing Pong (1972) and wished that, instead of the rigid paddles, you could get something a little more floppy in your hands? Schlong could have you covered. Created by Dillon Sommerville, Schlong replaces both player’s paddles in a traditional game of Pong with erect but surprisingly flexible penises, flopping around the place with the aim of deflecting a ball back at the opponent’s goal. That’s all there is to it.…


A real-life table version of Atari’s Pong is on the way

Pong (1972) is such a simple game. Almost any person could draw it on a piece of paper if prompted. Two tall blocks, a smaller square, and a few lines—that’s Pong. That’s why recreating the classic arcade game in the real world requires a little more effort for it to stand out. And that’s exactly what Daniel Perdomo dedicated two years of his life towards. Perdomo created a large, real-life Pong table, kinda like one of those air hockey tables, but with a bit more engineering behind it. “It all started as a challenge for fun. Like a hobby in my free time,” Perdomo…


A classic arcade game gets the SUPERHOT treatment

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. PUSER TOH (PC, Mac, Linux) SOS SOSOWSKI With the arrival of the Polish-made first-person shooter SUPERHOT, fellow Polish game creator Sos Sosowski decided to make a small tribute to the game’s “time only moves when you move” concept. But rather than make another shooter, Sosowski applied the principal to classic videogame Pong (1972), making for a surprisingly fresh result. In PUSER TOH (an anagram), moving your paddle up and down the screen causes the ball to speed up, while keeping it stationary results in the ball travelling very slowly. It…


PACAPONG’s chaotic arcade game mash-up reflects our remix culture

Part of me wishes that Dick Poelen had gone further. His Mini Ludum Dare #68 game jam entry PACAPONG comprises four classic arcade games: Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Pong, and Donkey Kong. But why stop there? The disruptive child in me begs for more and more to be added. I want this mash-up to be taken to the extreme, until the processor can’t keep up, layer-upon-layer of retro gaming until a gorilla’s knee is no more discernible than a Power Pellet. of the same thinking that fuels the tumultuous side of remixing  Perhaps that’s a symptom of my upbringing amid the enthusiastic…


A videogame for all you lonely kids (and adults) out there

There may not be a greater intimation of loneliness than a child attempting to play a videogame that was designed for two persons. Picture them sat cross-legged in front of an old boxy television, completely by themselves, attempting to rush their limbs across two gamepads, and sighing with their entire torso when the effort produces no satisfying interplay. See that kid? It’s me. Not just me so it turns out. Folmer Kelly is also that kid and, I suspect, are so many other insular folk out there. Perhaps this includes you as well? Kelly gets a mention as his Ludum…


The first holographic system actually has some games for it now

As pointed out by Hyperallergic, the hypnotic holographic system called the Voxiebox was shown off a week ago at Indiecade East. This marvelous volumetric display has been around since Maker Faire 2013, but has recently made mucho headway in terms of people actually programming games for it—classic-style games composed of cubes of blistering light that occupy physical space.  At Indiecade, it was Voxatron, the voxel-based twin-stick shooter (maybe?) that’s still in alpha but sure looks voxel-y. There was also a version of 3D Pong made for Global Game Jam 2014. And a galloping red horse. All this makes my eleven-year-old…