Ooblets is still the cutest farming game we’ve yet to play

Forget about Moblets, that cute-as-heck game we spotted earlier this year. It’s no longer called that. It’s new name is Ooblets. And to reflect that title change, the world it’s set in is now called “Oob.” So yes, it’s still goddamn adorable, even more so these days. That isn’t all that is new. As Ooblets designer Rebecca Cordingley has outlined, there have been some changes to how the game works put into place recently. If you don’t know, Ooblets is a farming and creature collecting game. You play as Essie, who aims to start a simple life in the country,…


Moblets will let you catch creatures way cuter than Pokémon

You may have seen Rebecca Cordingley’s adorable videogame Moblets on Twitter. She’s got quite the following on there, with eager fans clamoring for more glimpses of the game, which she describes as a mixture of Harvest Moon (1996) and Pokémon. Twitter is Cordingley’s main form of marketing for Moblets, and it seems to be working: “I think people are interested in being a part of the development process and I love getting their feedback and encouragement,” she said. Veering away from the Pokémon-esque design, Moblets is more of a team-driven videogame. After all, “mob” is in the game’s name. “The name…

IT Simulator

IT Simulator aims to bring absurdity to a boring job

Rebecca Cordingley is a 28-year-old English expat who recently quit her job as art director for Schell Games to pursue her own projects. Her upcoming solo debut, IT Simulator, promises a simulation brimming with “frenzied physical humor” and minigames involving IT tasks like defragmenting hard drives, ridding browsers of pop-up infestations, and buying office upgrades in the role of manager. “I’ve always loved playing videogames, but I didn’t always know that I wanted to make them,” says Cordingley. “I dabbled in a lot of interactive projects when I worked at a design agency, and that slowly turned into a focus on game development. Despite being on…