Burly Men at Sea

The big beards and cute looks of Burly Men at Sea will debut soon

Who says burly can’t be cute? Certainly not David and Brooke Condolora, the husband and wife team that make up Brain & Brain, the brains (ha!) behind Burly Men at Sea, a Scandinavian folklore adventure due out soon on Steam and iOS. Though there’s still no word on an official release date, their newly released trailer serves as a reminder of the soft, minimalistic style and funky character animations that caught our eye in the first place. David and Brooke Condolora have spoken frequently about the roots of their inspiration. They borrow heavily from scandinavian folklore in both story and style…


Progress to 100 makes your iPhone surprise you all over again

The iPhone may be eight-years-old, but with Apple reiterating on its design every year, adding new features to its tilt and tap core, it’s still a magic box full of tricks. Nevertheless, the experimental phase is kinda over for Apple’s smartphone—we know what works well and what doesn’t—and so we often see the same ideas crop up over and over with apps mostly applying only new skins and contexts to differentiate themselves. “rules should be broken”  This is why when Progress to 100 comes along, asking you to stroke, shake, perhaps even smooch the screen, showing you what seems to…


The loving horror of Let the Right One In lives on in this vampiric videogame

“Let the right one in  Let the old dreams die  Let the wrong ones go  They do not  They do not  They do not see what you want them to.” -Morrissey In the past decade or so, the young vampire romance genre has inspired a couple of foreign films that speak to the classic motif while also seeing beyond it’s modern trappings. Let the Right One In (2008), a Swedish title depicting a young twelve-year-old boy who winds up finding an unexpected match in a centuries old immortal child, is an earlier example of the trend. More recently, the first…