Lone Light

Lone Light teases out the complex symbiosis of light and shadow

Hessamoddin Sharifpour’s upcoming game Lone Light draws its puzzles from the timeless dance between light and shadow, telling the story of a lone light finding its way through the cosmos. Sharifpour is an Iranian programmer living in Toronto; come September, he’ll be attending the University of Toronto to study computer science. At 19, he is already the recipient of two awards—Best Idea and Jury’s Special Choice—from the 2014 Iranian Indie Game Developers Festival, as well as nominations for Best Indie Game of the Year and Best Design. there will also be hints of evolving cosmologies This early recognition for his…


Shadow of the Red Hand, a game made entirely out of shadow puppets

Created for the latest Ludum Dare game jam, the theme for which was “shapeshift,” Shadow of the Red Hand is a game made entirely out of shadow puppets. In it, the player’s hands take on the role of a rabbit, and must hop away from the evil “Red Hand of Doom” as it chases them through the ever-changing puppet show that they call home. The result is more challenging than the cute children’s-slumber-party motif lets on, with platforms often moving in unpredictable ways due to the many different shapes a hand can take. “Will this one become a fist?” I asked myself while playing.…


British art installation unleashes disembodied shadows

The sun sets on Bristol, a not-so-sleepy city in the southwest of England. Like any other day, as the sun sets, the city lights will come on. Unlike any other day, 8 of those lights will actively capture your shadow and then replay it for passersby. Though that might sound like witchcraft, it’s actually the work of Jonathan Chomko and Matthew Rosier. Winners of the 2014 Playable City competition, the duo has installed 8 street lights that will record the motions of your shadow and then play it back for someone else. Called “Shadowing,” the project is not just catch…