SNES code injection

The hacker pulling off SNES glitches that only machines were supposed to do

We’re at a time when artificial intelligence is not only mimicking human behavior but surpassing it. The common story now is one of a previously human-exclusive activity—usually labor or a sport—being performed better by a machine programmed to perfect it. That’s why it might feel like we’re on the verge of everything tipping into the robots’ favor: the many technological warnings of science-fiction coming true (Skynet in 1984’s The Terminator, etc). Perhaps this is why Seth Bling does what he does. He’s something of a videogame engineer and hacker who, among other things, specializes in completing tasks that only machines were thought…

Adi Holzer Werksverzeichnis 899 Satchmo (Louis Armstrong)

Digital Soloists: Jazz and the videogame score

Rain gently pours outside the window. The detective crosses the room, bottle and glass in hand, and sits on the couch. He stares at the portrait of a beautiful woman. She’s the victim of the crime he’s investigating. A sense of mysterious infatuation permeates the room, emphasized by David Raksin’s score for Laura (1944). The famous apartment scene, a classic of 1940’s film noir, could only achieve its status with the help of music. Laura’s main theme is appreciated not just for its functional aspect in the film, but for its quality as a well-written tune on its own terms.…


Drake gets super emo over Super Mario World’s "Star Road" beat

File this one under “nexus of things about which only Clay gives a shit”: Drake vomited out three dope tracks over the weekend, one of which (“Cha Cha”) is a slinky, seven-minute ode to a romance gone sour. Its backing track may sound familiar to Mario completists; it’s the stage-select music from Super Mario World‘s hidden Star Road levels. And I woke up wanting some soft rock to listen to! Both tracks are below.  Drake’s having a hell of a year. “0 to 100” came out middle of last year but it was still dominating rap radio throughout the winter,…