You can play a videogame on Snapchat now. Yes, really

Serena Williams’ Match Point is Snapchat’s first attempt at a multiple-level videogame embedded into the social platform. (It’s also a glorified 8-bit Gatorade ad.) It’s actually pretty fun—and an impressively detailed look at Serena Williams’s history in tennis. If you didn’t know, Serena Williams is one of the greatest tennis players of all time; she holds 38 major titles, 22 of which are in singles tennis. Each level of Serena Williams’ Match Point is a representation of one of Williams’s Grand Slam singles titles—if she wins the U.S. Open this year on September 10, Snapchat will add the 23rd level. Williams won her…


Play against yourself in #SelfieTennis, a new virtual reality game

Playing tennis against yourself, running back-and-forth between either side of the court, is an almost impossible pursuit. Luckily, for any lonely soul out there that may try soloing the ball-and-racket sport, it’s now been made a whole lot easier thanks to virtual reality. #SelfieTennis, the social media-ready commercial debut from VRUnicorns has been released via Valve’s Steam VR platform as a launch title for the HTC Vive headset. It is a game, nay, a virtual experience that uses the magic of VR to let you participate on both sides of a singles tennis match. Actually, “match” isn’t the right word for the average…


Don’t fret, this website tells you what emotions to feel when watching Wimbledon

If you’re watching this year’s Wimbledon (you know, the tennis) how can you be sure that you’re feeling the right emotions at the right time? It’s alright, don’t panic, apparently this is a common problem that the event’s car sponsor Jaguar has tackled with a website that will tell you exactly how to feel, and when. measuring the movement, energy, and heat of the crowd.  To achieve this, a selection of people attending Wimbledon this year have been wired up so that their emotions can be measured as they spectate matches. The results are being projected live onto that website…