RiME showcases the sights, sounds, and creatures of its Mediterranean fantasy

When RiME burst onto our radars with a minute-long trailer back in 2013, it showcased scenes that evoked games like Ico (2001) and The Wind Waker (2002). The camera swooped across a serene Mediterranean island with high walkways and cliff edges to traverse; there was an illusory door that opened into a mountain, where inside dark figures moved towards the protagonist’s campfire; it ended on a huge looming shape, dinosaur in size, moving through the veil of a morning mist. All of that is present in RiME‘s new trailer but it also moves in closer, finally giving us a proper show of the protagonist’s face, as…

The Sexy Brutale

The creators of Rime are also working on a murderous masquerade ball game

I have never attended a fancy socialite soirée before. On the chance occasion that my mind wanders as to what such experience would be like, my imagination inevitably concocts a scenario not unlike Edgar Allan Poe’s The Masque of the Red Death (1842) mixed with a particularly fiendish round of Clue. A grand celebratory occasion equal parts bacchanalian and cockamamie. A new puzzle adventure announced by Tequila Works, called The Sexy Brutale, does little to disabuse me of this admittedly far-fetched fantasy, instead choosing to go all in on the inherent absurdity that permeates the glossy allure of high society. Set at…


Rime’s mysterious island adventure set to arrive next year

We haven’t heard much about Tequila Works’s Rime since it was first revealed at Gamescom 2013, but that’s about to change. Nearly three years since its official announcement, we’ve got word that the adventure game is still in development, and it’s likely to be released in 2017. It’s got new publishers, too—and it sounds like it’s no longer a PlayStation exclusive. So you can keep up: Rime was previously confirmed as a PlayStation 4 release, but Tequila Works ended up dropping Sony as the game’s publisher and buying back its rights. It’s possible that Rime will now come to other platforms,…