The Year of Not Playing Games

This coming year, I will turn thirty-five years old. Such an accumulation of time brings certain privileges: the ability to run for President; the removal from key marketing demographics, aged 18-34, typically known as Young People; the necessity to buy shampoo that strengthens follicles at the root, “saving hundreds of strands per month.” When I entered that most trend-setting of audiences, way back in 1999, I did not foresee “playing and writing about videogames” as a key element of my identity in this far-flung future. And yet here I am, contributing to a year-end series about an industry whose evolution…


The almost-real Lumino City will be almost-really available next month

Lumino City, that gorgeous, handcrafted follow-up to Lume that we’ve been talking about for months, is now pegged for release in November. The London-based duo behind the game, have built an intriguing world out of cardboard, found objects, and laser-cut pieces, and then reassembled them into a big clockwork world. It straddles a weird divide of perfect recreation of imperfect objects. This year’s The Swapper similarly repurposed found objects to surprisingly emotive ends, and, while Lumino City is a much brighter affair, it looks to have a similar sense of purpose.  Anyway: we’ll find out next month.