Adi Holzer Werksverzeichnis 899 Satchmo (Louis Armstrong)

Digital Soloists: Jazz and the videogame score

Rain gently pours outside the window. The detective crosses the room, bottle and glass in hand, and sits on the couch. He stares at the portrait of a beautiful woman. She’s the victim of the crime he’s investigating. A sense of mysterious infatuation permeates the room, emphasized by David Raksin’s score for Laura (1944). The famous apartment scene, a classic of 1940’s film noir, could only achieve its status with the help of music. Laura’s main theme is appreciated not just for its functional aspect in the film, but for its quality as a well-written tune on its own terms.…


The moody, stylish cyber-noir The Last Night is becoming a full game

Brothers Tim and Adrien Soret produced The Last Night for a cyberpunk game jam earlier this year, and it immediately turned heads. Brief, allusive, and massively confident, the game pulls from the most visually assertive visions of cyberpunk (Blade Runner, Ghost in the Shell) and tells a story of thudding simplicity. We liked it a lot, comparing it to Titan Souls, and now, like that game, it has made the jump to full-game status: the brothers have announced a Kickstarter for sometime next year.  There was not an earth-shattering amount of variation to the original experience, just a mountain of aesthetic confidence,…


Titan Souls drops a new trailer on you, killing you instantly

We’ve been watching Titan Souls since it emerged from Ludum Dare last year, a slim, four-boss experience made in three days that nevertheless featured remarkably confident art direction, music, and pacing. (In fact, we gave it a Playlist nod as soon as it emerged.) It has since septupled in size, that forlorn world suggested so capably now digging in roots and sprawling into different sections. Once merely overgrown and mossy, that art direction has dilated to encompass familiar snow and lava worlds, all still seemingly of a piece.  Most notably, there are now a lot more bosses—plants, weird skeleton things,…