Next up for the creator of TowerFall, a game about climbing a mountain

There’s a mountain near my house where I grew up and it was a regular exercise for teenagers to climb up it as the sun fell, and then race back down chasing the light. Since it was a small peak, and since I lived in the foothills of the Appalachians, it seemed like a bent grandfather to the craggy peaks of the Rockies or other, more noble mountain ranges. Certainly, scaling that mountain in its green glory, bears little resemblance to the snow-capped summit that awaits you at the top of upcoming game Celeste. pixel trees underneath a star-lit sky A…


Kill Screen’s 6/26 Playlist: XCOM on iOS, the arrows of Towerfall, and the manic Soundodger

Soundodger Play it Here By Studio Bean For browsers February 3, 1959: The day the music died. Now the music is getting its revenge. Soundodger is Asteroids if you played as a single space-rock and dozens of ships shot music notes in rhythm. Otherworldly tracks by Disasterpeace and Bill Kiley, among others, supply the ammo. A brilliant, beautiful jam come to life. Perfect for Trackpad DJs, GarageBand inspiration, waiting for the headliner. Play Time: As long as a song (2-4 minutes) XCOM Enemy Unknown Get it Here By Fireaxis Games On iOS XCOM Enemy Unknown is way more intense than a game of strategy has any…