Calling all explorers: Firewatch now has a free-roam mode

If you could shout “Heyooooo” into Firewatch‘s virtual rendition of the Wyoming wilderness then you would now be able to travel to everywhere the call echoed. That’s on account of an update that has rolled out for all the versions of the game—PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One—that introduces a free-roam mode. hike around its trails unhindered After completing the game once, you should find the mode available to select in the special features section of the main menu. Once inside, you can walk and climb around its entire ecosystem with a dynamic 24-hour time cycle to experience too. That…


Sanctuary is what its name promises, only with more synths and beauty

“Why are you treading on the grass, you dummy?”  I had that thought at least a dozen times while playing Sanctuary, Connor Sherlock’s synth-y, first-person walking simulator. There are dirt paths to walk on but much of the ground is covered by grass. Sometimes the shortest path to wherever you’re going, which is nowhere in particular, is to tread on the grass. The grass is sprouting out everything, even what appears to be snow, although it shimmers like something closer to crystal meth. As these crystalline formations crunch underfoot as if it were the crackling background noise of a vinyl…