10/7 Introduction to Immersive Theatre

A two-hour workshop to learn the basics of immersive theatre!
October 7th, 2023
10am PT

Suggested price: $50.00


This hands-on two-hour workshop is a practical introduction to immersive theatre with award-winning creator Arlo Howard. Previously, you’d need to work on an immersive production or know someone who’s done so to learn how to make an immersive theatre experience.

Workshop Outline

In this workshop, participants will expand their understanding of immersive theatre, its roots, present application, and potential future growth. With group activities and personal creation, this hands-on active workshop lays the groundwork for participants looking to begin creating their own immersive work or applying immersive thinking to their personal practice.

 – Create a collective understanding of how the word immersive is used, the forms it can encompass, and where the form might be going.

– Delve into the roots of immersive theatre, how it has evolved into its present form, and where it might go next.

– Introduce a set of sliding scales that serves as a strong foundation for ideating immersive works

– Follow Arlo through a mini-creation exercise where they will get to practically apply the ideas discussed while creating their own short immersive experience.


Dates: Saturday, October 7th, 2023 at 10AM PST

Cost: We recommend $50, but pay-what-you-can. Since this is a workshop with limited seating, please be responsible.

Format: Online workshop via Google Meet. We will send you an invite post-purchase.

Experience Level: Beginners! Previous creative experience in another field (i.e. architecture, design) is helpful but not necessary. This event is designed explicitly for adults but is fine for all-ages.

Additional Info: No refunds or exchanges. Please review our Code of Conduct here. Email info@killscreen.com for any questions.

Arlo Howard (They/Them) is an award-winning, non-binary creator working at the intersection of theatre and games. Their work focuses on creating positive change and learning through playful theatrical experiences and games. Arlo has directed and created immersive and interactive theatre in five countries and is the former Artistic Director of Chicago-based (re)discover theatre. Their work includes full-building immersive takeovers, intimate one-on-one experiences, and board games. Arlo is a Coney Guild Member and currently working on The Burnt City with Punchdrunk. Arlo has trained with Third Rail Projects, The Neo-Futurist, and worked with a variety of interactive companies, including Blast Theory and ZU-UK.

Image: One of Arlo’s work as director & creator — The Liminal House of the Adjudicate. Photo by Alexa Rhoads.