How to Translate a Person into Pixels and the Art of Digital Dance


A virtual post-mortem review of Maya Man’s practice with the artist

July 28, 2021

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From rotoscoping to video game engines, real-world motion has long been used as a template for fictional recreation. While used widely, it’s rare to find creative uses of these tools that push beyond the body as a software activator. 


Artist, programmer, and dancer Maya Man explores the concept of the body as a medium for artistic expression through motion and volumetric capture. She sees herself as not just the activator of the software but an integral part of its process and the source of a project’s meaning. 


In this post-mortem, Maya explores three past projects, two versions of Feral File project “Can I Go Where You Go” and musician Joji’s  “777” music video. Foran audience that is at beginner to intermediate level familiarity with mocap and volumetric capture, this post-mortem will examine not only the functionality of these softwares but the higher utility of them as observers of self and conveyors of practice.