Introduction to vTubing with Off World Live

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A two-hour workshop to learn the basics of vTubing with Off World Live
Recorded on November 15, 2023

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This hands-on two-hour workshop is a practical introduction to vTubing with visionary designer Jasper Golding. vTubing is a dynamic and captivating form of self-presentation for artists and streamers, but can be intimidating to start on one’s own. Jasper will lead you through the Off World Live process to start brainstorming, implementing, and fine-tuning a vTubing character.

Workshop Outline

+ Learn a curated history of vTubing, pulling from some of Jasper’s favorite works

+ Dive into the building blocks of self-expression

+ Learn about production styles of motion-capture

+ See how to work Mixamo and Metahuman into your first digital character

+ Get started with Unreal’s rigging system, working from a model and a new project

About the Speaker

Jasper is a visual and technical artist working freelance for Off World Live, a plug-in that enables creators to delve into Unreal Engine and create next-generation content. Jasper’s work began analogue, with illustration, but like a lot of artists, has recently exploded into rendered 3D graphics, real-time graphics, and creative parametric and game-based systems. With these skills, he has produced previs, final artworks, and technical advice for companies and art houses around the world. Jasper’s practice quickly became based on learning and growth as a result of programming and now is as amorphous as the ever-changing technological realities we exist among. 

Jasper has been supplying educational content for Off World Live for 3 years and has delved into many aspects of technical art, specifically within Unreal Engine. One of his more popular tutorials is based around nDisplay, a system built for Virtual Production that allows filmmakers to immerse their talent within a series of LED walls to create in-camera VFX with real-time interactive CGI backgrounds. He took this approach and reworked it for interactive art installations. He hacked together the powers of multi-machine synced rendering and real-time viewpoint-based mapping to create a new technique for real-time anamorphic billboard illusions that he has been teaching many artists to produce since.  

As well as his technical work, Jasper works with his local thriving underground music scene. The art and music community in his hometown of Bristol have welcomed him in with open arms, and he helps them realize their visions, such as 90s/00s imaginings of local Bristol spots and exaggerated characters to represent the flourishing and rich culture the city has to offer. To learn with each new task, Jasper makes an effort to uncover the veil between this world and the next, whatever that reality may be.