Reflecting on 19 Years of Playful Studio Practice


A post-mortem with Thukral and Tagra

October 25, 2021


The knowledge that comes from a long-standing art practice is highly sought after by emerging artists. Particularly at the intersection of art and play, where knowledge is still getting started, anyone who has explored and created using these concepts becomes a valuable voice in their communities.

Artist team Thukral and Tagra lend their 19-years of experience and knowledge to the audience in this post-mortem lecture on their practice, which revolves around contemporary art, art to impact, knowledge dissemination, and social and game design. They discuss the trajectory of their practice and how they explore new innovative avenues to show society real-time issues by using a multi/ interdisciplinary approach, which includes paintings and communication design.

This is part of Killscreen’s Method programming (see below)

About Your Speakers

Jiten Thukral and Sumir Tagra work collaboratively with a wide range of media including painting, sculpture, installations, interactive games, video, performance, and design. Thukral & Tagra work on new formats of public engagement and attempt to expand the scope of what art can do, further emphasizing what the practice can do in a virtual context through their archives and publications. They break out of the mediated-disciplinary world, create multi-modal sensory, and storytelling in immersive environments.

Their earlier work dealt with tropes of migration, mythological narratives, symbols of Indian identity, and motifs of a globally manifested consumer culture that enliven a largely pedantic and static area of cultural material. From a pop visual character to a predominantly abstract visual approach and compositional philosophy, Thukral & Tagra constantly shift in terms of their grammar and vocabulary. They have offered sociopolitical commentary that is implicit in their aesthetic for the past eighteen years.

Recently, they seek to identify the practice as pedagogy through their collaborative – Interdisciplinary lab, which cultivates an inclusive learning ecosystem that indexes to achieve knowledge sharing through cross-pollination.

What to Expect

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