Exceeding the Gendered Boundaries of Play


A Virtual Talk with Dr. Shira Chess

June 6, 2021


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What if we played games not ‘like a girl,’ but instead, ‘like a feminist?’ An Associate Professor of Media Studies at the University of Georgia, Dr. Chess probes the cross-section of video game studies and gender studies. Her latest book published by Duke University Press, Play Like a Feminist, prompts us to consider video games through a feminist lens—and both surpasses “the boundaries of gender yet still advocates for gender quality.”

In this talk, Killscreen Founder Jamin Warren discussed Chess’ work, thought, and trajectory. We touched on the importance of “playful protest,” the intimate communities a ‘gaming circle’ can foster, the symbiotic relationship between video games and feminism, and why games should be considered as works of art in their own right.