Actual Sunlight creator announces new game about our impending financial doom

According to researchers, the year 2031 will bring with it a shift in the economy that might render this country unrecognizable. They’re calling it the “inheritance bubble,” a product of ultra-wealthy baby boomers leaving behind sizable chunks (over 35% of America’s total net worth) for their children to spend and squander. the United States might look a little more like aristocratic Europe  Though there’s been lots of talk of the inheritance bubble, researchers still anxiously await its pop, uncertain about what America will look like afterward. But the New York Times reported on some predictions, warning us to “get ready for…


What does depression feel like? Will O’Neill explores darkness with hope and honesty.

Actual Sunlight is a bleak, tough experience. It’s not difficult to play – but it can be hard to motivate yourself to keep playing. That’s the point. Designer Will O’Neil crafted an “essentially autobiographical” game about a depressed and alienated young man named Ethan. For many, this will hit very close to home. “I think some players have interpreted it as a cautionary tale, and I appreciate that”, says O’Neil, “But my primary objective was just to give a seething, honest and unromantic account of a kind of life that I don’t think gets much representation.” – – – “This isn’t…