Adventure Time creator gets all Twitch Plays Pokemon-y with crowd-played Twitter game

Currently, Pendleton Ward’s Twitter feed has been transformed from into a hand-drawn, old-school, first-person adventure game called Quest Attack!, hosted by none other than the walrus-bearded Adventure Time creator himself.  It’s no secret the cartoonist is connected to games, with nods to tabletop RPGs on his show and his collaboration with Double Fine. But we didn’t expect him to ad-lib one, drawing each scene depending on the actions requested by followers. The past few moves/tweets have involved taking a blubbery “thing” from the toilet, finding a dagger underneath, and someone pausing the game. The game doesn’t seem to be going…


Watch Tim Schafer and Pendleton Ward wax poetic about game design

Every year, Double Fine hosts its internal game jam competition Amnesia Fortnight. They usually film it too, because let’s face it, Tim Schafer looks great on camera. This time around they put together a short documentary to placate their charitable fans, giving us a look-see into the game-making process, which is actually just some guys hunched over a computer and not that interesting.  But what’s always compelling are the game design philosophies of great game designers like Schafer, and also of his pal Pendleton Ward of the Adventure Time cartoon series. This video is full of clever gems like this…