No! Please don’t take the weeds out of Animal Crossing

I’ve heard many lovers of Animal Crossing: New Leaf (2012) express a desire to go back and play some more. What’s stopping them? It’s the fear of what state their town will be in after the mayor disappeared for six months (or more). Animal Crossing’s infamous weeds are the personification of this guilt, growing in your town every day you’re absent; a grand public exhibition for your neglect. But an upcoming update to Animal Crossing: New Leaf will remove them forever. Whoopee, you might say. But no, don’t be so hasty, as this may actually diminish what makes Animal Crossing so…


Witness Twin Peaks’ Red Room in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

A Reddit user has recreated in Animal Crossing: New Leaf the “Red Room” from the famous scene from the first season of Twin Peaks, which is arguably David Lynch’s most vivid and surreal two minutes of tape. (Personally I’d go with the Rabbits scene from Inland Empire, but I’m in the minority.) This is awesome for all kinds of reasons, but mainly because it’s Animal Crossing and Twin Peaks, which is an odd-couple combination that never should work but does, like bacon and chocolate. I’m picturing an Animal Crossing subplot where the point is to find out which of your…