Decide which pets are useless in Animal Inspector

Sign up to receive each week’s Playlist e-mail here! Also check out our full, interactive Playlist section. Animal Inspector (PC, Mac) BY TOM ASTLE Ever seen a useless pet? There are plenty around. For every Lassie and K-9 there’s a cat as round as a bowl doing absolutely nothing. Adorable, sure, but also completely pointless. If you don’t know how to identify a useless pet then Animal Inspector is for you. It won’t teach you, mind, but it’ll send your mind racing with judgmental thoughts on the topic. This cat with its jaw hanging, is it useless? How about this goldfish won at…


Relive the Classic American Detective Story, now with way more animals

For a brief, glorious period in the mid-20th century, Jack Webb was the voice of every detective in America. Most famously, he was the voice—and, later, corporeal manifestation—of Sergeant Joe Friday on the ür-procedural Dragnet. Webb also provided the voice for the titular, simile-dropping lead in Pat Novak For Hire and a series of largely interchangeable policeman roles. Before franchises like Law and Order and CSI revealed the fictional investigator as being largely interchangeable—a different person can spout these clichés next year and the world will keep spinning—Jack Webb was starring in every interchangeable law enforcement show in the land. …


You’ll spend more time than you should goofing off with this little lion dude

Lions are fucking awesome. These animals aren’t called king of the jungle for nothing, and it’s not hard to see why they’d instantly became status symbols to human kind, from monarchies to incestuous Game of Thrones houses alike. I mean, just look at this thing: This is a portrait of raw, unadulterated power. Each step a lion takes pulses with animalistic prowess. They are creatures always teetering on the brink of fighting or fucking everything, sharpening their claws while they flick their tongues and stare at you with an unwavering kind of focus. Then, there’s the other side of a lion—the…