Drive across Mars, discover the unreal in Naut

Naut is about not knowing where you are, not knowing what is real. How did you get there? What are you doing? Not just that: it wants you to experience these unanswered questions washing over you with a warm complacency. It’s a sci-fi opera with psyche-fi undertones. But first, a story: I first got drunk when I was 15 years old. Three cans of hastily drunk Somerset cider in and my head isn’t right. I go to the bathroom. There’s a mirror in there, which I stare into for longer than I should, watching my pupils swim like goldfish in…


Ethan Carter vanishes (presumably) on September 25

The intriguing Vanishing of Ethan Carter arrives on PC September 25th. Details about the upcoming Lovecraftian mystery game have been few and far between since the game was essentially announced via gif last year. Since then developer The Astronauts have shown a few more pretty pictures, hints at story, and talked about the need to make their story as believable as their graphics. You play as Paul Prospero, occult detective extraordinaire on his quest to find a missing boy, the eponymous Ethan Carter, on the heels of a brutal murder. Using Prospero’s ability to communicate with the memories of the dead you…


NASA-hosted game jam opens space of possibility

In three weeks, The Night Rover Challenge will be hosting a game jam. From March 8th to March 10th, developers will gather together at the NASA Ames complex in Mountain View, CA to create games about the science of space. The Night Rover Challenge is a subsidiary of NASA. While their main goal is to encourage folks to develop a better battery for space travel, they’re using this game jam as a way to raise awareness and to educate the public on the “real science and technology advancements made in aerospace exploration.” – – – While it is not entirely…


Astronaut games are simple pleasures

The human capacity to be playful never ceases to amaze. Even while hurtling through space at around 17,500 MPH (a statistic memorized during a childhood of astronautic ambitions) in a metal tube, with almost no leisure time, astronauts still make the time to make up – and play – games. Mostly, they play with their food. A recent Quora post by a NASA instructor/engineer proves that most astronauts could probably get a job at Valve, should they every have earthbound game design ambitions. – – – “They don’t get a lot of free time and when they do, they don’t…